Address: 4519 W. Knox Dr. Columbia, MO 65201

Meet The Parents


Coco is our beautiful chocolate colorpoint. She loves to chase toys🐭  around the house lay in boxes 📦 and groom all the other cats. She’s very affectionate and just recently had her first litter of kittens so we are excited to watch her grow into motherhood! 🐾

King Kush

The man of the house, King Kush is a direct descendant from Poland. He is a chocolate mink. King loves to play with the others and is a very lovable guy. If we are ever wondering where he may be chances are he will be found in his favorite cat bed soaking up the sun! ☀️ If he had life his way all the time King would have a full time hair brusher he loves it so much. He has produced gorgeous fur babies for the world to enjoy and we look forward many more years with him. 


Bella, a traditional bi-color, is our very first Ragdoll 💕 She has provided us with amazing kittens that we have the pleasure of homing with their new loving caretakers. Watching her natural instincts kick in to mother her babies has been incredibly rewarding. She takes her job very seriously and we are happy to give her the space she needs or the extra attention she craves between feedings and tending to her babies. 


Nala is our blue lynx with a sweet and gentle attitude. We are pretty sure her heart is made of pure gold. While all of our Ragdolls are unique and loveable; Nala always shows signs of selflessness and sacrifice. At feeding times she stands back and waits for all others to have their faces in a bowl before she finds hers. Nala welcomed her first litter of kittens in March 2022 and we have enjoyed watching her become a loving mother. 💙