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Learn About How To Buy

In order to be considered for purchasing a Ragdoll from us please contact us by phone or email. Once contact has been made we will schedule an interview or go forward with the interview at that time. If you prefer to do a zoom call that can be arranged as well. We require a $200 non-refundable deposit that will immediately add you to our list and we will discuss when to expect new photos or videos of kittens for you to choose from. 

Ragdoll Classifications:

Ragdolls are classified as a pointed cat breed, separated into patterns and colors.
The pattern defines body locations of the the markings and the color defines what color the markings are.  A true pure breed Ragdoll kitten will have fur from their ears and between their paws (one of our favorite characteristics).

Colors: Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Flame, Cream, Tortie and Blue/Cream and any of these colors can have the Lynx markings (we do not offer all of these colors at this time). There are both traditional and mink colors:

Traditional: These kittens are born solid white and their colors come in gradually over several days to weeks and will darken until around 3-4 years of age. Their eyes stay blue in color and their fur feels much like silk. 

Mink: These kittens are born with color and have a much richer and darker color than traditional. Their eyes are a beautiful aqua blue/green color and their fur feels plush.

Patterns: There are many patterns in the Ragdoll breed:

Color Point: shows dark well-defined points on their ears, tail and feet while their body color is lighter than the points.

Mitted: shows well-defined points, except on the front feet where they have a matched set of snow-white mittens. A white blaze can also decorate the nose.

Bi-Color: shows a white mask like an inverted “V” plus white on all four legs, feet, stomach and chest.

Lynx: shows Lynx or "tabby" stripes on the points of the body.